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Davy House, formerly known as The Baikie House named after Peter Baikie a shipwright employed at the Town Docks purchased the property from Hon. James Crooks in 1842. Crookes Land Part Lot 32 in the New Survey originally a 1/4 acre lot.

Soon after the land purchase Peter Baikie built a two-storey side-gabled house reflecting the fondness for elaborate verandahs in the early 1840's including a bellcast roof and fretwork trim of a whimsical and inviting nature. The front includes the first french doors in Upper Canada marking a change in fashion as the Victorian era was soon to emerge. The house plan, however, follows the Niagara precedent of a single room to either side of the hall and a kitchen behind with a steep sloping or "lean-to kitchen". The two end chimneys are known to have served stoves on the main floor while heating the upper rooms in an ascending manner.

As trade shifted to St. Catharines with the introduction of the 2nd Welland Canal (still in use today) lessening the importance of the shipping business in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Baikie left the area in 1850 renting the house to George Blain and selling to family, Ann and Ian Baikie for £300 in 1858. They too rented the house until 1874 when they sold it to Henry Ferguson for $800, but had to reclaim the property the following year. Subsequent owners in the 19th century were Alexander Allen, William Sagar (who paid $600 for the property in 1879) and Pleasant Bradford. In 1914 the house was owned by John Faulhaber Schmidt and family. Click here to see a portrait of that family and Historic Davy House as it was in 1914.

 Your Hosts, Flo and Jeff

FloJeffFlo, born in N. Ireland, moved to St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada with her family in 1959.  She believes it’s in her Irish nature to talk and has found the perfect environment for that at Davy House.  Retired from 30 years with St. Catharines Hydro, the last 15 in Human Resources, Flo now enjoys the opportunity to express her creative and artistic side.  Although her home has always been her hobby, the warmth of this historic home and property, coupled with the B&B business itself, serves as the perfect environment to inspire her talents, whether creating a new seasonal theme for the front of the B&B, or making a stained glass window panel to add even more character to this very inviting property.  Her collection of Canadiana Pine antiques has found the perfect home in Davy House along with her many unique antique accessories.  Flo would prefer to be in her workshop instead of the kitchen, however, she has become quite the little baker, following in her Mother’s footsteps.  She enjoys experimenting with new recipes and wakes each morning at 6:00 a.m. to bake a variety of fresh scones, muffins, pastries, granola and much more for the enjoyment of Davy House guests.


Jeff, originally from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada is retired from a professional hockey career, having played for the Toronto Toros in the World Hockey Association, and also a 25 year career in the restaurant business. 

He sees Davy House as the perfect match for his kitchen skills, preparing the daily gourmet breakfast for the guests, putting a creative spin on traditional breakfast foods.  He’s adamant that the food be cooked right, that it’s hot and that the presentation is exciting.  Judging from the guest’s rave reviews, and cameras being brought into the dining room, it’s obviously working.  Another of his talents is landscaping.  From the designing stage to daily maintenance, and everything in between, there isn't one square inch he hasn't reworked, creating what the neighbors call “the gem of the neighborhood”.  Jeff has also graduated from mere "do-it-yourselfer" status to "fledgling contractor", building two major additions, including the latest Carriage House project which houses his workshop where he enjoys his new hobby, creating hand carved dimensional signs.

A Snapshot From History • Historic Davy House 1914



The Schmidt Family - One of the Owners of Historic Davy House approximetly 100 years ago. At this time the house was already 70 yrs old! Pictured here are Husband - John Faulhaber Schmidt & Wife - Louisa Mary Schmidt (nee Poure). Children - left to right in picture, George Alexander Schmidt, John Roy Schmidt, Harry Morris Schmidt